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VR game on Unity
Kokhan Karina,
/C# Developer
/Feb, 2

It's no secret that VR is gaining popularity more and more every day. And it is not surprising, because virtual reality offers a lot of opportunities for businesses and companies. But have you ever thought about how VR is used in games? A whole team of programmers, designers, layout designers and others are working on this. It is a complex work, which goes through many stages for achieving the desirable result.

Before you start developing a VR game, you need not only to think over the idea and script. One of the important things is choosing the device for which the product will be developed. Actually, the entire technology will be built depending on the chosen device.

Foremost, we'll figure it out in device categories. Let's start with Mobile VR, which is similar to Google Cardboard and has the same solutions. Such as Premium mobile VR or rather Gear VR, Daydream etc. Equally important are PC VR headsets including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Windows Mixed Reality. Autonomous decisions are also one of the most prevalent categories. These include: Oculus Go and Oculus Quest. Finally, console VR with all the well-known Sony PlayStation VR.

After selecting the device, the next important step is choice of technology. Our absolute favorite is Unity platform. The main advantage is a cross platform. It is convenient not only for VR games, as for any other. That's why 50% of all mobile games were created on Unity. Another feature is using C#, which is a relatively simple programming language. It is impossible not to say that Unity has access to graphic script, which can significantly reduce time for programming.

Unity VR allows you to target virtual reality devices with Unity, without any additional plugins in your projects. It provides basic API and feature set compatible for multiple devices. Actually, which makes development much easier.

Creating a VR game with Unity is a good opportunity to show creativity in a huge game market.